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Garage Security Tip #1 Lose Your Remote?

Do you keep your handheld remote in your car? If you do, it is important to secure your vehicle when unattended to prevent theft. This is an easy in for burglars to steal your remote and follow you home. They can access it whenever they please. If you lost a remote,...

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Cold Weather – ‘Spring’ Season

Did You Know? The freezing temperatures put a lot of stress on your springs? The metal contracts in cold weather, and day after day use causes cycle wear that ultimately leads to one of the following signs: Door stops unexpectedly in the middle of opening The door...

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Need A New Manual?

Grab an electronic copy of your Opener, Keypad, Homelink. From our homepage, select 'Residential', 'get help', then 'owner's manuals'. Legacy Garage Door Opener Installation Manual Overdrive Garage Door Opener Installation Manual Phantom Garage Door Opener...

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Federal Mandate For Safety Of Your Door

Did you know in (1992) there was a Congressional mandate created to ensure all new automatic garage doors have a pair of photo eyes on their system to prevent a children from harm? Well its not just for families with children- it's to protect your new car, beloved...

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Remote Opening/Closing Your Door Slowly or Not At All?

We tend to forget our car remotes and wireless keypad entries run on batteries Sometimes they become corroded or just run out of juice. In this case you just open up the remote and assess the batteries contact points. Pro tip: use a nail filer to remove corrosion. We...

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What Type of Door Opener Should You Buy?

You need to replace your door opener, but where do you start? Operators can last up to 10 years or more in some cases. When you need a replacement, there are things to consider: Chain, Belt, or Screw Drive?  We'd like to help educate on the differences these 3 have...

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Door View: Design a Door

An Overhead Door Company Exclusive To Help You Find The Perfect Garage Door Style. Try Before You Buy Choosing a garage door for your home is a big decision, it impacts the curb appeal of your home and gives it that authentic look. With our Garage Door Design Center,...

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