Check Out Our Top 3 Reasons Why Your Garage Door Won’t Close

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Quick Door Education: Your photo eyes are located about 6″ off the ground. They prevent the door from coming down on an object. 1 is a sender, 1 is a receiver. If something is in the way, the receiver will blink/flash!

Check these 3 Top Reasons:

  1. Obstructions in the way of the door. It could be a cob-web over the lens, trash can too close, a broom in the track, or a flower pot.
  2. Alignment of your photo eyes. If someone bumped it, it is now out of line, therefore not sending a signal to the other eye. Just  bend the bracket back into place. When the sensor stays continually solid you know you are in alignment.
  3. Wiring of the photo eyes – does it appear worn out? Plug it back into the unit if you can.

Other Unknown Issues

Some heavy doors, causes the track to shake and the photo eyes can be knocked around and misaligned from a faulty or heavy door!

DANGER! Keeping brooms, rakes, and gardening tools away from the tracks of the door, and sensors of the eyes untouched will prevent a lot of service calls!

Save $$, Watch this video to build your knowledge on how to diagnose and prevent unnecessary garage door service calls!