Are you a heavy user of your Garage Door?

Opening it 1x day is 730 times in 1 year! Imagine sharing a double wide door… that’s 1,460 times opening it only twice a day! With the average spring life being 10k cycles, you will (on average) replace your springs about every 2-6 years. Overhead Door suggests that in certain applications, a high cycle spring could save you money and precious time in the long term!

Couple reasons to consider a high cycle spring would be…

1. Your garage door has become the “front door” and receives excessive use

2. You are a home owner

Then it might be smart to consider getting high cycle torsion springs next time your springs break down on you!


Bottom line:

By switching over to a high cycle garage door spring (17.5-30k cycles), you can double or even quadruple the lifetime of your garage door spring. That saves you money, and precious time when your door isn’t opening.


Give us a call at 608-783-6080 we will see if this could benefit your situation today!

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