Price Increases: Garage Door Industry

Overhead Door 7 Rivers has been hit hard by the effects of COVID in our industry. It is fair to say Garage Doors and Materials are costing as astronomically high as the Lumber prices the past year. Comparing 2020-2022 materials for doors and parts, we have seen an increase of 150%! It is embarrassingly high right now to get repair on a broken spring, or new installations quickly replaced because of the inflation of parts, materials, and labor shortages. We are not sure when the relief will come as there is not 1 variable to pin point these price increases on.

Delayed: Manufacturing and Fulfillment

We used to work with 3-6 week lead times, now we are working with 6-12 months of lead times for installations and some parts. Another challenge about operating in these times are the price increases and the rate at which our orders are fulfilled with the manufacturer. Our manufacturer sends us partial complete orders, without springs, or integral glass insert panels. This sets us back months, waiting for things to get manufactured or even organized at the manufacturer sites. It has been incredibly frustrating for both us and our customers.

We just want to take this time to be transparent with you with what our industry is currently undergoing and give you the service you deserve. We will do everything in our power to facilitate a streamlined service to ensure you are receiving your door order and repair in a timely matter.

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