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You need to replace your door opener, but where do you start?

Operators can last up to 10 years or more in some cases. When you need a replacement, there are things to consider: Chain, Belt, or Screw Drive?  We’d like to help educate on the differences these 3 have and where they can come into play with your garage/building.

  • Chain drive are suitable for most doors, can last a long time with routine maintenance.
  • Belt drive operators are an upgrade from chain model. Super quiet. This opener is suitable for attached garages as they have less sound and vibration when operating. No jumping of the door and allows for a smoother operation.
  • Screw drive’s offer most power and fastest operating speeds. Good use for 14 ft high doors, or one-piece doors up to 8 ft high.

Looking for an option with lots of lighting? Look for one of these operators below:

  • Destiny 1200 & 1500, Odyssey 1000 & 1200, Legacy 920 all have two sockets for ample lighting.

Which door openers have motion detection lightening?

  • Destiny 1200 & 1500, Odyssey 1200

Which operator has WIFI so I can determine if the door is open or not from another location?

  • Legacy 920

If you would like a more detailed picture on the different Overhead Door Operators including safety features, power output, compatible with HomeLink, security features, and ability to open/close with your mobile phone/device. Visit our corporate website’s post here: