The following are tidbit(s) from Veteran staff at our shop in regards to our branded inventory! As a shop, we have noticed that Overhead Door™ has eliminated some key information in their manuals and instructions... We hope to share info and solve a potential issue you may encounter with your residential garage door!

Key-less Entry Lock Out Feature

-If you enter your code incorrectly 3x, the key less entry will determine you are a burglar  and will lock-out. To get it working again, you will need to reset it and re-program your key less entry (follow manual steps or see our manuals here).

This “state” is identified when your keypad would otherwise appear it has dead batteries: e.g. a black out screen, keypad doesn’t light up. Commonly happens when you leave out of town, or if you use the multi-door function/share code with others.

Operator Memory Capacity

-Having issues with pairing your remote but you can tell that the operator is receiving a signal? Maybe the Operator has reached it’s capacity and needs to be reset! Odyssey/Destiny – 27 Remotes!, Legacy 696 – 7 Remotes!

Call our shop for other operator inquires!

OHD Anywhere Connectivity Issues

-A typical issue with this product we discovered is that the customers internet signal strength or RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator levels) is not strong enough in the garage to operate the door opening/closing function with this product. If this is the case, we recommend to purchase a new operator with built-in WiFi, if this is a must have feature for you.

-Able to hold up to 20 total users, operating the door function via phone!

We are continually trying to stay on top of things in our industry whether it is technological, product discontinuations, we are always looking for new solutions for improvements and making it easiest for our customers! Find more garage door resources here. Thank you for your time, we hope this helped.