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How To Identify Which Type You Have?

Did you know there are multiple different types of bottom seals for a garage door? We sell over 4+ different types of bottom seals! Bulb, U, O, Series-specific. It is not a one size fits all category.

If you want to replace it yourself you can come to our shop to buy the right product! Don’t waste your time going to a Box Store when you can get it at the local experts shop!

Before You Come To Our Shop:

  1. Collect a sample of your current seal.
  2. OR take a picture of it at multiple angles. (side, bottom)

It helps us greatly in providing you a replacement solution, without having to come out to your location to determine what you need.

Some doors are discontinued, but we still have options for replacement of seal, no need to look at getting a whole new door!

Before You Install The Seal:

It helps to spray the seal with windex or another water based liquid, we use 409, to slide the seal into the retainer. It typically takes two people to do this!

Call our shop with any questions, or submit your repair request here.