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We tend to forget our car remotes and wireless keypad entries run on batteries

Sometimes they become corroded or just run out of juice. In this case you just open up the remote and assess the batteries contact points. Pro tip: use a nail filer to remove corrosion. We recommend buying name brand batteries for our products.


It’s important to determine if your remote is going out of commission or if it needs a new battery

We suggest looking to make sure the remote is giving off a signal by pressing the open button, if the remote or keypad illuminates then it has power. Sometimes it has just enough power to open the door, other times there is no light and it does not open the door. This is when you should replace the battery first.

If you are still having issues. You can stop in to our store! We are ready and willing to perform some diagnostic testing on both the remote and battery as well as provide you with a replacement battery or remote if necessary.