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The Garage Door often goes overlooked when deciding what to update on your home, although it is one of the easiest ways to maximize your curb appeal.


Potential buyers determine their interest on your house based on the exterior alone. Have you ever thought of how much surface area your garage doors covers on your home? It’s safe to say about 40%.

Your garage door is used every day and it is one of the first things to catch people’s attention upon arrival.

Don’t let the glaring hail damage, discoloration, or your accidental encounter with the door, decrease the value of your home. If you have damaged panels, broken windows; or your door is falling apart – call the experts and let us help you update your home today!

Getting a new door can:

  1. Bring additional lighting to your garage.
  2. Accent your homes unique features: windows, soffit, or style by matching color or adding contrast.
  3. Increase convenience of parking, energy savings, and property value. 
  4. Improve safety and security.

Needless to say, getting a replacement door installed by Overhead Door is far easier and inexpensive compared to your landscaping project!

Want to visualize a new door on your garage?

Snap a photo of the front of your house and use it on our Design a door app to really visualize and see what a difference it could make on your property.