There are a couple things you need to know before you come to the shop requesting a new remote, IF you don’t have a spare remote to bring with you, continue reading to identify what kind of remote you need or go here for our manuals.

Before you leave and come to our shop, take a picture of the ‘operator’ make/model on the side (the motor hanging on the ceiling in the garage). e.g. Genie I-Drive, Liftmaster 8550, Odyssey 1000, Legacy 696.

We need to know this so we can give you the right replacement remote!

To further explore the topic of remotes and frequency… There are two kinds of remotes, your operator only works with 1. To determine what you have, read on below for the differences!

  • A dip-switch is a combination of (switches – up, down, neutral) that match both on the remote and circuit board in the operator. Both switches have to be set to the same combination in order for the door to work correctly, you can change the code anytime. You will know you have a dip switch remote when you change the battery and see a little set of tiny switches in your remote.
    • e.g. Linear

      10 Dip-switch Opener Remote For Linear

  • A rolling code is computer technology that is designed to add more security to your home through your garage door opener. This type of opener works with a small computer chip that goes into both the receiver and the remote. When you click on the remote to open your door, it sends out a code to the receiver, which has the matching code. But it also does something else: it creates a new code for the next time the door will be opened and sends that information to the receiver. It then saves the code. This means that when you open your garage door the next time, it will use the code it created from the time before. It will have created a new code, making it virtually impossible for thieves to be able to figure out what the new code is. This is the newest type of security that came out around 1993.
    • e.g. Overhead Door™ CodeDodger

Thank you for nerding out and learning about the differences in door openers with us! If you still have any questions about what type you have, please feel free to call, or stop into our shop! 608-783-6080