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An Overhead Door Company Exclusive To Help You Find The Perfect Garage Door Style.

Try Before You Buy

Choosing a garage door for your home is a big decision, it impacts the curb appeal of your home and gives it that authentic look.

With our Garage Door Design Center, you can upload a photo of your own garage, try on different garage door styles and colors to see what the perfect match would be. Can’t decide what color would accent your siding? Test it out with the app!

Our staff appreciate the effectiveness of this tool at Overhead Door of the 7 Rivers Region.


We have had people come in to the show room here leaning towards a certain color for their new installation. We then use our Designing tool to show an example of what their home would look like with said color, and you’d be surprised, they sometimes decide against it!


Bottom line, I think this tool is an incredible asset that allows us to make the right product choice for our Customers!