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Did you know in (1992) there was a Congressional mandate created to ensure all new automatic garage doors have a pair of photo eyes on their system to prevent a children from harm? Well its not just for families with children- it’s to protect your new car, beloved pet, or delivery person.

This safety feature is not to be taken lightly. Do not let someone modify or tamper with your door’s sensors. We have heard stories over the years where a family allows someone to just “move and adjust” their eyes to eliminate an unwanted closing or opening. Basically they disable the mechanism that tells the door to retract. The ending result being a loss of a family pet or incident regarding a car due to this tampering. Please leave it to the professionals at Overhead Door Company of the 7 Rivers Region to ensure we are following protocol on our Federal Safety Regulations.

If you are having issues with your sensors- give us a call for questions or we can arrange a new installation to ensure your garage meets federal regulations for consumer safety.

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