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We hope these (4) common scenarios will empower you to determine if your issue requires a technician or not!

1. Door goes down, hits the floor then reverses

Possible Solutions:

-Re-align photo eyes, Clean lens on photo eyes, Check photo eyes for lights (One should be green and one red)

-Remove any obstructions

-Limit switch adjustment

-Logic board needs repair


2. Door lifts a foot off the ground then closes on its own

Possible Solutions:

-Torsion Spring replacement needed (OHD*)


3. Wall button will not open/close the door

Possible Solutions:

-Check to see if the lock button is engaged – switch it back to off

-Check breaker for power to the unit.


4. New Keypad/Remote will not open/close the door

Possible Solution:

-Have you replaced any light bulbs lately with LED’s? (these need to be removed as they may be causing the interference)

-Replace the battery with a name brand product. (sometimes store bought batteries are dead.)


If you are still experiencing issues with your door please call Overhead Door of the 7 Rivers Region at 608-783-6080 to schedule service.

(OHD*) – Please call Overhead Door to provide this service, we do not recommend you attempt to replace a torsion spring by yourself.