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Did You Know?

The freezing temperatures put a lot of stress on your springs? The metal contracts in cold weather, and day after day use causes cycle wear that ultimately leads to one of the following signs:

  • Door stops unexpectedly in the middle of opening
  • The door looks like it is hanging crookedly
  • The spring appears elongated or separated.
  • There is a visible worn area.
  • If you hit the door with your vehicle, this can cause the spring to fail.

Normal Lifespan

The expected lifespan of a torsion garage spring is rated in terms of cycles. A cycle consists of a complete action of open/close. According to industry standard, the minimum life must be 10,000 cycles (roughly 7-12 years), but better-quality springs may last up to 100,000 cycles. You can ask your Overhead Door Representative to provide you with a higher cycle spring to match your door needs.


As with any type of mechanical equipment, proper maintenance will both help garage door springs function and extend their lifespan. The springs, pulleys, bearings, and rollers can be treated once or twice a year with a light silicone lubricant (Lithium grease) by dabbing the product onto the part rather than spraying. We do not recommend using WD-40.

Be sure you do not spray the tracks of the garage door as that attracts dirt and grime.

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