“…Is the garage door open?”

Might be a question that pops in your head from time to time. Well what about this question, do you have a smart speaker at home? Yes? We’ve got some news for you.

Amazon Alexa speakers can be programmed to control and monitor your Garage Door with your voice activation. This connectivity has been out for a few years now, even Google Nest can access your garage door connectivity. We know how new technology can be finnicky, so we’ve done the learning and made the mistakes for you, so you can get the most out of our expertise.

1st question, is your operator compatible?

Overhead Door® opener compatibility or integration options:

·         Infinity 2000, Destiny® 1200, Destiny® 1500, Legacy® 650, Legacy® 850, & Legacy® 920 all work as long as they have that built in OHD Anywhere®

What if my operator isn’t listed? Well you’re in luck. An OHD Anywhere® Kit can be purchased to work with most models installed after 1993, but only if they have safety beam sensors. In some cases you still might need an adapter to make it work. But it can be done. For this type of application, we encourage you to allow us to do the dirty work for you.

How do you set it up?

We used the Alexa smart speaker. So let’s walk you through that device setup.

  1. Under the Alexa app in your phone, go to new device.
  2. Search “Overhead Door Garage Door”, (note: if you do not have OHD Anywhere, you will not be able to connect to your garage door opener).
  3. Go into your garage, find your door opener, push the dark blue button on the powerhead to allow Wi-Fi discovery of your unit.
  4. In the app, setup with a special code to voice enable access to it, or skip that bit all together..
  5. Finish Alexa’s app prompts to customize the name of your garage door, the words you will use to control/monitor it. You can add up to 3 wi-fi enabled garage door systems.

Not bad huh? Now you can ask Alexa if the kids left the door open without having to go look yourself. You can even ask how long the door has been open, closed, instruct it to close in 10 minutes, etc.

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